Spring Time!

While it’s obvious that I don’t keep up on things on this page as much as I would like to, I wanted to share some spring time fun in Alaska for you.

April 2-6, 2014 Yakutat Alaska Steehlead Fishing. This was my first time to Yakutat and I enjoyed every moment of it. As you can see we had great weather and had quite the adventure. We were the first boat of the year to float from the bridge of the Situk down to the lower Situk. The water was EXTREMELY low, therefore our float was merely that, a float trip. We did not get much fishing in. In fact, we actually did not make it off the water before it got dark! Thanks to the people of Yakutat! They were all (mostly) very friendly. If you need solid advice and good gear, remember to visit Bob at the Fly Shop located on the airport. His prices are excellent. In fact, you don’t even need to gear up at home, he has what you need and he has it for probably less than you’ll find at home.

The video is just a short snippet of the fun I had down there. Enjoy!

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Merry Christmas

I hope everyone had a safe and wonderful Holiday! Wishing you the best in the New Year!

I haven’t done much on the web page in quite a while….I wish I had more time. I did get to play with a new Go Pro camera though. I fired it up and put it in my kitchen window, then made some time-lapse videos from it.

The sunrise video has the camera facing directly out of my window which puts it face about 290 degrees on a compass heading.

The sunset video, I roughly pointed it due west. Look at how far to the south the sun set! Remeber the Field Of View of the Go Pro is about 180 degrees. That puts the sun setting at about 195 degrees on a compass heading! Not quite due south!

I’ll make another one near the spring equinox just to show you the difference.

Happy New Year!

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Visitor at the repeater site

I know it’s been a long time since the last post….

But, life has been busy and that make hobbies fall further down on the priority list. Since I moved into the new house (which is the site for the Anchorage repeater !) I have been enjoying the fantastic views we have of the Alaska Range, Mt. Susitna, Mt. McKinley and Foraker, and the three volcanoes I can see Iliamna, Redoubt and Spurr. We also have seen some wildlife….Check out our recent visitor:



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Excellent Node Build

Check out ZL1NC’s page for some great info on building a node out of a very inexpensive Thin Client. He has done some great work!!!

ZL1NC’s Web Page

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APRS in a Cave

Over the weekend Bob, WB4APR, and I, KD3SU, tested APRS in a commercial cave in Maryland. I posted some photos and text that Bob wrote up:


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Temporary Webcam

Eventually I will make a permanent spot for a web cam from the new Anchorage Area repeater site. For not, as long as it lasts is a view from the site….ENJOY!

If it’s dark, that means it’s night time…come back and check during limited Alaska daylight.

Alaska Reflector Web Cam

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Notice anything?

There have been some changes to this website recently!!!  That is a good thing…

Special thanks to KD3SU…he is now helping administer the site

WL7LP stepped up and is keeping stat’s on the Morning Net…


Again, please please please, if you have anything you would like to see happen on the Alaskareflector.org website let us know.  Sign up and leave a comment or just send me an email.

If you have a web page and you want it linked here we can do that!

Even better, if you are just stopping by leave a comment.  I would really like to know who comes to visit.


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IRLP Tutorial

Thanks to the venerable Craig Davidson, better known as K1BDX, we have an excellent tutorial covering some of the finer aspects of IRLP.

Check it out by clicking here:

IRLP Tutorial, by Craig Davidson

Let us know what you think by leaving comments or join the forum and start discussing it.

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A little help please

This site is now over 1 year old and we have had 36,000 hits!  That’s a good thing right?

As you can see there have been no updates to the site in a while.  That just comes down to time.  I haven’t had as much free time and now that it is summer in Alaska I’ll have even less.  I need to update the Morning Net page as I know we have some new net controllers and I would really like to have that section updated regularly.

Is there anyone who wants to be an editor on the site to help keep things fresh and new?  Drop me a line is you want to help out.



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So want to build an Ubuntu node?

So, you have a really cool piece of newer hardware that you think would make a great node. You whip out the Centos 4 install disk for IRLP (because that’s the one that works). Then….fizzle…fail…Centos 4 (from the stone ages of early linux 2.6 kernels) doesn’t recognize the hardware. (SATA drives anyone?)

Or, you want to add some cool features to your existing mobile node like usb GPS’s or even USB Wifi….oh wait, you can’t Centos 4 (IRLP) doesn’t support it.

If you are somewhat savvy, or adventurous…you can try my script to install IRLP on an UBUNTU 10.04 machine.

(1) A new install of Ubuntu Linux 10.04 LTS SERVER….only SERVER editions allowed!
(2) An existing backup file or your current node: irlp_backup.tgz

(1) Install Ubuntu
(2) copy irlp_backup.tgz to /tmp
(3) get ubuntu-10_04-reinstall

wget http://www.alaskareflector.org/ubuntu-10_04-reinstall
chmod +x ubuntu-10_04-reinstall

(4) as root execute the script

sudo ./ubuntu-10_04-reinstall

As of right now…I haven’t tested it out. Because I don’t have an spare machine running, but I did use an early beta version of it to set up the Allstar/IRLP/Webserver you are getting this information from. Best of luck…let me know how it works for you…

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