So want to build an Ubuntu node?

So, you have a really cool piece of newer hardware that you think would make a great node. You whip out the Centos 4 install disk for IRLP (because that’s the one that works). Then….fizzle…fail…Centos 4 (from the stone ages of early linux 2.6 kernels) doesn’t recognize the hardware. (SATA drives anyone?)

Or, you want to add some cool features to your existing mobile node like usb GPS’s or even USB Wifi….oh wait, you can’t Centos 4 (IRLP) doesn’t support it.

If you are somewhat savvy, or adventurous…you can try my script to install IRLP on an UBUNTU 10.04 machine.

(1) A new install of Ubuntu Linux 10.04 LTS SERVER….only SERVER editions allowed!
(2) An existing backup file or your current node: irlp_backup.tgz

(1) Install Ubuntu
(2) copy irlp_backup.tgz to /tmp
(3) get ubuntu-10_04-reinstall

chmod +x ubuntu-10_04-reinstall

(4) as root execute the script

sudo ./ubuntu-10_04-reinstall

As of right now…I haven’t tested it out. Because I don’t have an spare machine running, but I did use an early beta version of it to set up the Allstar/IRLP/Webserver you are getting this information from. Best of luck…let me know how it works for you…

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