Alaska Reflector

This site is dedicated to the Alaska Reflector.  IRLP reflector 9070 is the foundation which keeps Alaska connected with the world which is brought to you by none other than KL7M, Dave Cloyd.

Not only is Dave the owner of the reflector, but he also owns and administers a good number of the nodes connected to this network.  A special thanks goes out to him and all he has invested in this endeavor.

There are a number of other people who help keep everything up and running, there are too many to mention here.

Tune in to the Alaska Morning Net.  Which happens right here on reflector 9070 every weekday at 0900 Alaska time.

10 Responses to Alaska Reflector

  1. WL7NI says:

    Oh yeah, one more thing. There are several ways to connect to the reflector. Connect your IRLP node up to 9070…Echolink, at KL7M…or Allstar Node 27597

  2. AF8D says:

    Mark, you did an excellent job on the web page!

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  4. AE7RS says:

    Hello all!

    Rick, AE7RS from Montpelier, ID here. Just registered. Eldon, K7OGM says hello.

  5. K7OGM says:

    Hello everybody … Sure do enjoy the Alaska Reflector and especially the morning net!!!


  6. KD5AR says:

    Excellent job on the website. Easy to navigate, buttons work, and fairly streamlined.

    73, Brad Clark KD5AR IRLP 3717

  7. AE7RS says:

    With all the talk of owls on the net this morning I thought you all would enjoy this video …
    Extreme Slo-Mo of Owl Approach

    Rick AE7RS

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