IRLP Mobile Node Builds

Setting up a USB GPS device in Ubuntu. It should work with Ubuntu server.

John, VK3JD, built a mobile node, here are the photos.

John’s finished node :


From Craig K1BDX Houston Texas

Below are some links where I purchased the equipment.

The rough costs are:
Two meter mobile radio  $150
Cradlepoint Router   $40
Computer pwr supply 6-24 VDC input  $65
Verizon 3G stick used  $20
VIA mini-ITX computer board on Ebay $50
Solid State hard drive $25
Mobile case for mini itx board $50

Randy K8KHW has some photos of his mobile node here:


Here are some good mini computers for mobile IRLP

and here is the link for the cradlepoint router

Here are some links to the verizon um-150 3G stick that we use

Solid state 2 gig hard drive

here is the mobile computer case I like the most

Power supply

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  1. wl7lp says:

    HEY!!! Thanks Craig for posting that mobile node information. Now that I’ll be going back to work. going to build me one. yeah can’t wait :-)

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