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Minnesota and the North Shore of Lake Superior 2016

Slovenia, Croatia, Italy 2015 - - Peru 2016

Spain 2015 ... Switzerland ... Italy ... Oregon ... Paris

Chicago Photos - - - - More Chicago Photos

Big Bend National Park 2011 ... Big Bend 2013 ... Mt McElroy 1999

The National Park tour
New Mexico, Arizona, Utah, Colorado

The State Park tour
Louisiana, Arkansas, Oklahoma, East Texas

The New England tour
Vermont, New Hampshire, Maine, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia

Southern California 2014

Arizona Quartz Fest 2014

Arizona 2016

Field Day 2013 ... Field Day 1977

My trip to southern China in 2004

The RV

Mobile Dipole Ham Antenna

The History of the Stock Market

Link to

Space Shuttle Orbiter Endeavour flew over Houston

Skunk Attack!

IRLP tutorial for beginners

IRLP tutorial Power Point file download

Build Your Own Mobile Node

Mag Mount 3G Stick Photos

Urban Shield Event in Austin Texas

Glen K5FX Austin Texas . . . Dave KL7M . . . David N0WFI

Don KL2ZF in Nome . . . Rob KL2AN . . . Dick WA2QDP . . . Glenn KL1TH . . . Joe's Mobile Node . . . Todd . . . Christina

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See how Ham Radio Balloons are launched to 100k feet

Preparation for launch

More Ham Radio Balloon launching

Even more Ham Radio Balloon launching

Check out Andy's satellite web page


International Space Station Ham radio fan club

Heavens Above - satellite tracking web page

FCC regulations from the ARRL

How does the FCC issue callsigns?

When is the winter solstice???

NASA TV Channel --- Space Station live stream

Alaska Webcams

Borealis Broadband --- Talkeetna Air Taxi --- Talkeetna Alaskan Lodge

Here is a look at the temperatures around North America including Alaska

Here is the Weather RADAR in Alaska

Alaska weather RADAR

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